Certified Professional Dog Trainer

●Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers CPDT-KA #1153856

●Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #91547

●Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT#83206

●American Red Cross Animal First Aid/CPR Certified

●B.S. in Mass Communications Emerson College.

●Memberships: Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Pet Professional Guild.

Wendy has been working with animals her whole life; fostering dogs and cats, competing on the equestrian team at the college level, and raising her own birds and dogs. Over the years, the experiences of fostering several special needs dogs through the Pixie Project and Golden Bond Rescue in between her “forever dogs” fueled a passion for studying canine behavior. She felt a calling to help the pups that she was placing in new homes to adapt to the lives of their new human families and vice versa.

Having studied psychology and with a degree in communication, Wendy is enamored with both the science and the art of training and is well-equipped to both nurture and teach her animal friends. She views the training process as “carefully and compassionately sculpting and rewarding behaviors” and enjoys using her knowledge as a trainer to help bridge the communication gap between humans and their dogs.

When she is not spoiling other people’s dogs, she devours literature on learning theory and animates puppets for television commercials and films. She can usually be found out on the trail or searching for large bodies of water with her own Canine Good Citizen, a furry brown Labrador named Grover.

She also enjoys being a perennial student with Grover; experimenting with flyball, AKC Rally-Obedience, nosework, agility and dock-diving.

Seventeen years ago, when her teacher at an obedience class complimented her on her rapport with her Labrador and asked her if she was interested in a job training dogs, a seed was planted. Although she already had a fulfilling career that she loved as an animator here in Portland, she began secretly scheming and is now finally able to channel her infinite patience, love of dogs, and keen behavior observation skills into a job as a trainer, coach and educator.